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We're not dead!

Undead and Fabulous is not dead!

We've just moved to Discord!

As one of the oldest Guilds on Crushridge we are still very active and raiding.
Whisper a recruitment officer in game on the WoW Crushridge server for an invite!

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Argus Dead on Day 2!

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Heroic Kil'Jaden

I feel this needs its own Front Page post, but alas I can't make a topic. Due to slacker Cad super late on announcements, here is Dorns presenting.....


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Tomb Part 2

Normal Sisters of the Moon

Normal Desolate Host

Normal Misstress Sassz'ine

Normal Maiden of Vigilance

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Normal Tomb of Sargeras

Normal Goroth

Normal Demonic Inquisition

Normal Harjatan

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