Author Topic: Sample Friend or Family (FnF) Application Form  (Read 3319 times)


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Sample Friend or Family (FnF) Application Form
« on: March 27, 2008, 10:47:13 AM »

Class/Advanced Class:


Significant Alts:


RL Age [18 and older is basically mandatory unless some of the members can vouch for you]:

Guild History (where you were guilded, and why you left):

Friends and/or Family in UnF:

Relation to Friend/Family member in UnF:

Do you have an authenticator on your account?

Do you understand that the use of exploits is grounds for an immediate /gkick? (Y/N)

Do you understand that you are requesting to join this guild simply as a Friend or Family member not a raider? (Y/N)

Do you understand that if you wish to become a raiding member you will need to re-apply to the guild as a raider?(Y/N)

Do you understand that a "FnF" member does not mean you will be auto-accepted as a raiding member if you re-apply?(Y/N)

Do you understand talking angry smack to the GM, officers, class leaders and/or guild members can be grounds for a gkick?(Y/N)
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