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App - Mickal
« on: July 13, 2016, 10:31:25 PM »
Class and Advanced Class: Warlock/Priest/ALL
Time played on main:  282 Days

What is your MAIN spec and ilevel? 705

What is your Dual spec and ilevel? (PVP or list if a raid ready PVE spec): Destro/Destro

Professions: ALCH/ENG

RL Age [18 and older is basically mandatory]:30+

Raiding Experience [give us details, you are trying to make a good impression. Include prior games if you have raided in WoW/Rift/Aion/etc.]: No other games, completed every raid from the day MC was released.

Guild History (where you were guilded, and why you left): GM for Shadow Court - Was in Forlorn BWL/AQ for sometime, Super Criminals ICC  - usually take breaks between expansions, and guild seem to as well.

Friends in UnF: Zarella, Raduk, Selway  - assuming they remember me.  (hint) raiding UBRS - MC/BWL general chat.

Reason for applying to UnF (again, you are trying to make a good impression -- This application is our first introduction to you):1.  Looking to play with some original folks again, most of the kids playing the game now are ..... i wont be mean..  2. i got bored leveling 24 alts and playing by myself...   I've been playing since beta 2004, i play every class and pretty much know every aspect of this game..   I play in moderation these days..

Do you understand that the use of exploits is grounds for an immediate /gkick? (Y/N)Y
Do you agree to come prepared to raids including farming for consumables? (Y/N)Y
Do you understand that applicants are required to make 50% of the raids? (Y/N)Y
Do you understand that UnF has a competitive raiding atmosphere and you are required to play with focus and dedication every time you are in a raid? (Y/N)Y
Do you have a working mic?  (y/n)Y

What kind of computer do you have? ...... im at 175 FPS in ORG

What kind of connection do you have (dsl, cable, etc.)?  Y

Do you have any problem staying connected?  N

Do you have an authenticator on your account? sometimes

Do you understand that talking angry smack to the GM or a raidleader during a raid because you didn't get picked will likely result in a gkick?  Save it for a PM or for discussion after the raid pls tks. lol yeap!


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Re: App - Mickal
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2016, 02:25:32 PM »
Awesome!  Who didn't love raiding general chat (lol).