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a clear Mogu'shan Vaults! 

Nice job! Another impromptu raid rewards us with a guild first.  Elegon dies.

Thanks for the Screenshot Dorns!

14 Jan 2013 - What's UnF been up to?

Hello!  Great to see you visiting our community.  UnF has been revived by the Mists of Pandaria and is a fairly active guild.  Take a look at our Frontpage News for screenshots and details on what is going on in Azeroth!

We've been running a 10 man raids once a week for the past month; and will ideally be moving back to 25 man raiding. Here are some screenshots for your pleasure:

First two bosses down!  The third show go down on Wednesday. 

See you in game!

on and um here is a U we tried to make....  we need more of you to play to do the NF

Raduk - 90 Priest

13 Jan 2013 - Forums Updated!

The new portal is up and running.
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