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Amber Shaper Down! One more to go!

Not to mention on UnF's 8th birthday.

Happy Birthday UnF!

12 Mar 2013 - BEST WEEK EVER!

Well, at least in the last two years.  Two years ago we were softcore raiding the Ice Crown Citadel and not since then has the guild experienced the week like what we had this past week.

On Wednesday March 6th, the day following patch 5.2 we headed into the Thunder King's domain; a fresh new raid instance, and killed the first boss with 10 raiders all from UnF.

On Friday we filled out 25 man raid with, after recruitment, ended up being 17 players from UnF.  We went into the Heart of Fear and proceeded to  kill the first two bosses and made some great attempts and progress on the third boss.

Then on Monday, to complete our week, we took 10 UnF into MSV and proceeded to clear the entire instance in 2.5 hours.

There is no doubt that UnF is back and we're quickly moving to the world of serious business where it comes to raiding.  Pictures to follow but I just couldn't help getting a note out to everyone.

Great week UnF! Lets top things this week!   
No pugs, new recruits, Mongu'Shan Vaults cleared as a guild! (10man).

More pugs, more boss kills.

Guardians through Spirit Binder down in 2 pulls or less each!

Spirit kings to be defeated Friday
UnF tries out 25 man raiding with some pugs. With lots and fun and our first 25 man boss down, we continue to progress in raiding.

Following our 25 man raid from the prior week, UnF clears Mogu'shan Vaults in 10man with some of our new found pug friends.

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