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“What? Never had gemstones in your craw?”

I don't even know what week it is but UnF is 3/17H!

"I can just summon the healers with my mind."
Heroic Nythendra Down!

Normal Emerald Nightmare: Cleared!

Elerethe got turned into hamburger by an unnamed hunter, he knows its his fault

Dragons of Nightmare - 1 pulled

Cenarius - 2 pulled

Xavius - 4 pulled

Heroics here we come!

21 Sep 2016 - Shaking off the Dust

3 New Bosses Down on 1st Night!!

We killed the 1st boss so fast, we forgot to pic

Got Wood?

2 Pulled, Fur Realz

09 Nov 2015 - UNF at Blizzcon

UnF Represents at Blizzcon!

For those who have never been, there is a very large blank wall that people get to sign with markers, we left our mark!
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